Welcome to Philly with a Fjallraven, my Philadelphia photography and travel blog!

I’m Julia, a fresh newbie to the city. I moved here in August 2015 and after getting everything settled, I realized that I hadn’t been exploring my new home as much as I should be. So I decided to start this blog to share my travel adventures in Philadelphia and around the world! (and I may throw in the occasional post on some of my other interests like Scandinavia and history!).

I explore Philadelphia with my Fjallraven backpack and husky sidekick, Annika, and I shoot with my new Nikon D810 (read why I chose it in my 5 Tips for Buying a Camera post). If you’re interested in where the name Philly with a Fjallraven came from, you can check out the back story on my camera accessories post.

Along with my colorful travel photography, there may be some photographs in black and white because this blog started as a black and white street photography blog because I love the look of old film photographs. Photography was one of my minors in college and shooting with film cameras and developing the pictures was my favorite part because the photographs looked timeless and vintage, so I’m trying to achieve that look with a digital camera. You can also notice more texture and detail when there isn’t color to look at, and Philadelphia has so many amazing details that may be lost in color photographs I also shoot with more of a photojournalist perspective than a fine art photographer perspective, but I’ll try to branch out every now and then!

I’m still an amateur, so I’m still learning and am always open to advice! I’m also open to recommendations on where to photograph because I still don’t know where everything is in Philly and I love finding hidden gems 🙂

I sell other photographs I’ve taken on Etsy, and all photographs on this blog are for sale, so contact me if you’re interested!

Disclaimer: All photographs are taken by and copyrighted by Julia Dent unless otherwise indicated. Use of any of my photos for any purpose is violating copyright law.